Pernilla Olsson and I am an independent Distributor for Forever Living Producets (FBO).

I am passionate about health, exercise, mindfulness and nutrition - to help people become STRONG. Working with this is a dream come true! This is an industry that is just growing - why settle for "feeling good" when you can "feel better"!

A number of years ago I came into contact with Forever's products, then I started drinking the contents of our yellow can - Aloe Vera Gel. I also used the creams Aloe Heat lotion, Aloe Propolis and Aloe Gelly! What wonderful products! My stomach and intestines thank me every day I drink the gel. My joints and muscles love Heat and Move. My hands, feet and face get so happy when they are smeared with Proplisen and Gellyn is always there for smearing on small wounds, taking on everything that itches, when burning, rashes, cold sores, pimples - yes there are how many uses any!

When I tested C9 - Forever Kickstart - a 9-day reset of the body, a program that gave me a lot of energy, I got rid of sweet and coffee addiction, got light in my body and my body really said THANK YOU for taking care about it! This program was the start of good habits regarding diet and exercise in everyday life - Then I was stuck!

In our range you will find everything you need in dietary supplements, body care and skin care. Most of our products are based on naturally grown Aloevera and have not been tested on animals. I will be happy to help you find the right products for your particular needs, maybe hold a show at your house or tell you more about the business opportunity over a coffee cup. Contact me by mail or phone!

When you buy from me, you receive, in addition to high quality products and 90 days Satisfied customer guarantee, also personal service out of the ordinary. I want to give you exactly what you need.

When it comes to our products it is very simple, either you love them or you get the money back, leave the used products to me and they cost you nothing! We are not one of the companies that sell at all costs, but we work with the customer's absolute best in focus and recommend the products we know work. Satisfied customer guarantee has been around since its inception in 1978. Thanks to it you can try something you might otherwise have doubted, if you were not satisfied then it will cost you nothing!